Whether you’re hanging out at home, going out with your work buddies for a pint or taking the whole day off (while we’re green with envy), we’re here to help you uncover some chic ways to wear green. Don’t stress out about going out and buying a plethora of green items. Here are some bold, and not so bold, ways to rock green on St Patrick’s Day.



Make it the centerpiece

Do you own a bright green dress or pants? Now’s the perfect time to wear them- it’ll probably be the only day where you won’t stand out. Colored denim has been trending for a few years now and the craze doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. If you own a pair, throw them on.


Layer it

If you’ve got a green cardigan hiding out in the back of your closet, show it some love. We like the idea of layering a green scarf over your outfit for just the right bit of festive flare.




If you’re not one for big displays and prefer a more subtle approach, your best bet is to go for green accents. Green jewelry, like our Joseph Nogucci Lucky Charmballa or the Success Memory Stone Elephant are spot on for showing off your Irish Pride. You can also opt for a green mani or sling a green satchel over your shoulder.

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