The shining star of our outfit inspiration today is the Joseph Nogucci Anchor Necklace and Bracelet set with Swarovski elements. The set is delicate, stands out and is versatile with all kinds of outfits. See how we style a nautical-inspired look below.



Starting from the bottom, a pair of sturdy boat shoes add casual comfort to any outfit. Sperry is well-known for their vast selection of colors and styles, but there are many shops and designers that offer this type of shoe that is becoming ever more popular this spring/summer season.

The staple in any nautical look is, of course, the nautical stripes. Horizontal stripes are always a classic look that never go out of style. There are a plethora of striped tops out there to choose from. Navy stripes are the obvious go-to, but others like grey, light blue, even mint are something to watch out for this summer!

When the weather becomes warmer, it’s best to go for a more natural makeup look. Because our cheeks don’t become flushed like they do in the colder months, peachy or coral colors on lips and cheeks appear much more natural. These subtler hues also look great on bronzed complexions. Coral acts as a great "cherry on top" type addition with accessories as well.

Even though we all crave that sun-kissed look, it’s very important to protect your skin. Donning a cute straw hat is one way to cover your face from the strong sun. What we also don’t realize is that the sun can be damaging to the eyes as well. Wearing UV blocking sunglasses will protect the eyes from the sun and stop us from squinting (which can result in wrinkles appearing more quickly).

The finishing touch to any spring outfit is neatly manicured fingers and toes. Pastel colors are trending this season. We’re big fans of baby pink or coral, nude, pastel yellow or baby blue. We've also noticed hints of shimmer are coming back as well- definitely a trend we’re happy to see again!

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