Blue can be such a relaxing color. It’s the color we paint a room to entice sleep and calm. We think of still lakes, unbroken by waves. We embrace this as a color that doesn’t rock the boat.

Until now.

When Pantone chose Dazzling Blue to be on their 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report, they broke all the rules. This blue doesn’t say “relax.” Rather, it says, “rock on!” This hue is truly dazzling. Find ways to bring it into your everyday as your signature pop of color: with a bracelet, a purse or shoes.

Because it is such a rich hue, we really like Dazzling Blue as a “going out” color. A one-sleeved dress would be a knock-out date night pick, or colored skinny jeans to attend a concert. It is eye-catching and unique, which is the standard for any fashion statement in our books!


Are you DAZZLING people yet with Dazzling Blue?

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