The Dharma Stone bracelets are one of our most popular collections, and with good reason. The line is inspired by - and serves as a tribute to - our shared spiritual heritage as members of the collective human family. The ancient societies of eras now long gone, from one end of the world to the other, all shared a deeply reverent appreciation of the spiritual side of life. Sadly, this is left by the wayside much too often in our modern societies, and this has left many of us longing for a connection to something unseen, unknowable, and unbelievably powerful.

The most intensely spiritual societies also placed a great deal of significance on the role of wearable accessories. Be they shamanic headdresses with gorgeous and awe inspiring plumage or ornately crafted family heirlooms, they were all infused with the energy and spirit of the people who wore them. A shaman's headdress would carry something of their belief, their passion, and their life force with it.

We believe the same is just as true for us today.

When you bring a piece of jewelry into your life, you're attaching a little bit of the spiritual essence that makes you who you are to it. If you've ever held on to something that used to belong to a loved one, something they kept close, you'll know what we mean. When you're with their keep-sake, you can focus your mind and heart to feel something like an echo of them, and the love you have for them, emanating from it.

With the Dharma Stone bracelet collection, we wanted to create the perfect wearable art to act as spiritual vessels to any and all of the members of the Nogucci family that are mystically inclined. We believe wholeheartedly that the Dharma Stone collection, while drawing heavily from Buddhist tradition, spiritually transcends the boundaries of any individual religion or culture.

We hope that the Dharma Stone bracelets you welcome into your life wind up meaning as much to you as they do to us.


Reviews (4 comments)

  • Kidz Can Design On

    Just got my first Dharma wristband. There are a few others I might want however a few of them are sold out.

    I anticipate more buys from you when I can discover the cash to proceed with my accumulation.

  • Angel On

    Just got my first Dharma bracelet. There are several others I would like but several of them are sold out.
    I look forward to more purchases from you when I can find the money to continue my collection.

  • Sandra On

    I’ve have not yet ordered your bracelets but I will
    They are beautifully made….. Just would like to Mention I also had family member who passed away cause of cancer. So I know what’s its like…I can’t attend to your event but will Donate something!
    God bless you all!!!

  • Diane On

    I am blessed to own 7 Dharma bracelets. Receive compliments every time I wear them. Thank you for sharing the story of the Dharma!

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