Since the start of the pandemic, our small team at NOGU has been trying to make the best of what we’ve been given - which has fortunately been easy to do thanks to your support. While we’ve thoroughly enjoyed launching new products, we’ve been evaluating the products we already have and experimenting with them, trying to reinvent and reconfigure our bestsellers. And we’ve come to a major realization.

Our Mermaid Glass necklaces have had a hidden secret all this time.

Aquamarine Blue Mermaid Glass Necklace and Anklet Combo Summer Trend

Even though they do a great job of being necklaces, they can do so much more. We were overjoyed when we discovered that they also work perfectly as anklets!

Similar to our Gemstone Wraps, our Infinity Clasp™ Products work just as well as a double strand anklet as they do a single strand necklace. We are thrilled to be launching the new Mermaid Glass Anklet collection!

Rainbow White Mermaid Glass Necklace and Anklet Combo Summer Trend

We can’t believe we hadn’t seen this before, but this realization came just in time. Summer is nearly here, and that means anklet season is almost upon us (finally).

By simply adjusting the position of our signature stopper beads, our Mermaid Glass infinity necklaces fit perfectly on our ankles. But they're not just beautiful - they're comfortable too; when we were testing them, we kept forgetting we had them on!

We can’t wait for our ankles to glow as wild as our hands, necks, and ears!

Grey Mermaid Glass Necklace and Anklet Combo Summer Trend



Rainbow White Mermaid Glass Authentic Summer Anklet Necklace
Grey Mermaid Glass Authentic Summer Anklet Necklace
Aquamarine Blue Mermaid Glass Authentic Summer Anklet Necklace
Pink Rose Mermaid Glass Authentic Summer Anklet Necklace


How Does This Work?

Not only is transforming your Mermaid Glass necklace to an anklet easy, but you can do it with any infinity necklace you’ve purchased in the past. We didn’t change the jewelry, so you don’t have to buy anything new.

Essentially, this means that while we’re obsessed with how Mermaid Glass looks as an anklet, any Infinity Clasp™ necklace you’ve purchased can work as an anklet! (Psst - Galaxy Glass anklets?)

We’ve made this video to show you how to transform your favorite infinity necklace into an anklet:


It’s super simple to do and the results are magical!


What About Our Gemstone Anklets?

Up until recently, we didn’t have gemstone anklets. Sort of.

India Agate Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Wrap (Bracelet, Necklace, Anklet)

Our Gemstone Wraps originally existed as jewelry that could switch from bracelet to necklace effortlessly. However, when we experimented with them, we found out they work perfectly as anklets too! So when you buy anything from the “anklets” section of our website, you’re buying something that’s multi-use.

NOGU Handmade Gemstone Summer Anklet Wrap Collection


Howlite White Summer Handmade Authentic Gemstone Dainty Anklet
Lapis Dark Blue Summer Handcrafted Gemstone Anklet Gift
Tiger's Eye Earth Brown Summer Handmade Gemstone Anklet
Turquoise Ocean Sky Blue Summer Handmade Gemstone Anklet


We’re all about transforming into better, newer versions of ourselves, and our Mermaid Glass necklaces can do that with ease. If you’re rocking your own Mermaid Glass anklets, post it on social media and tag us - we always love seeing photos of our handmade creations. Let’s spread some anklet love!

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