Originally invented in 1975 by two New York inventors, mood rings quickly became a popular fashion trend. And even to this day, mood rings are relevant - even though they’re not quite what they say they are.

When we look back on our childhoods, nearly all of us at NOGU remember wearing mood rings and comparing them with our friends. We remember the magic and mystery associated with them, and we felt like the rings were telling us something profound about ourselves.

Introducing NOGU’s new Mood Stone Rings - a modern and minimalist twist on the colorful jewelry we loved wearing as kids.

NOGU Mood Ring Rainbow Colorful Shift Minimalist Collection

As we’ve said already, mood rings aren’t quite what they say they are. Even though we believed otherwise when we were children, the color change isn’t due to mood (not directly, anyway). Just because it’s green doesn’t mean you’re being active, and just because it’s sky blue doesn’t mean you’re relaxed.

This blog post will break down exactly how mood rings work, delving into history and using some big-league scientific terms.

But we’re not about to let science take all the fun out of mood rings. Even though there’s a solid explanation behind the color change in mood rings, we want to hold on to the magic and mystery we associated with mood rings as a kid. No one’s ever too old to have fun with their jewelry. Why shouldn’t we believe there’s a bit of magic at play? Why shouldn’t we walk the line between logic and dreams?

After all, life’s too short to wear meaningless (and magic-less) jewelry.

NOGU New Rainbow Mood Ring Colorful Summer Minimalist Collection


NOGU New Mood Stone Ring (Summer Collection)


How Do Mood Rings Work Exactly?

When mood rings were invented in 1975, the theory was that your emotional state would result in a shift in color of the ring you wore. To an extent, there is some truth behind this.

Mood rings contain something called thermotropic liquid crystals. In modern mood jewelry, there’s usually a flat strip of these crystals embedded into the stone.

Essentially, these crystals have the ability to change color as a result of adjustments in temperature.

NOGU Minimalist Mood Stone Ring in Gift Box

When a change of temperature occurs, the crystals actually twist. By twisting, the molecular structure of the crystals is shifted; this adjusts the wavelengths of light and color that are reflected and absorbed by the mood ring.

This change of color can result from a change in internal temperature (the human body getting warmer or colder) and external temperature (taking a warm bath or walking outside in the winter, for instance).


Do the Colors Have Anything to Do With Mood?

Even though mood rings are reacting directly to changes in temperature, a person’s mood can often be correlated with their temperature. So - yeah, there is actually a loose connection!

When you’re stressed, for example, your body will divert blood away from your skin and to your internal organs - this can cause the mood ring to turn a darker color.

NOGU New Mood Ring Rainbow Colorful Stack Summer

When you’re feeling happy or excited, your body temperature will increase. Accordingly, the mood ring will likely turn a lighter color.

NOGU New Rainbow Colorful Minimalist Mood Ring Summer Collection

All in all, mood rings don’t just randomly change colors. Your body temperature (which is closely related to your mood) dictates the color shift!


NOGU Mood Rings

Now that we’ve got all that science out of the way, let’s get back to the fun side of mood rings. We’ve divided our mood rings into 5 overall color shifts:

Green - Active

NOGU Rainbow Colorful Summer Minimalist Mood Ring Jewelry

Purple - Calm

NOGU Rainbow Colorful Summer Minimalist Mood Ring Jewelry

Pink - Happy

NOGU Rainbow Colorful Summer Minimalist Mood Ring Jewelry

Blue - Relaxed

NOGU Rainbow Colorful Summer Minimalist Mood Ring Jewelry

Orange - Unsettled

NOGU Rainbow Colorful Summer Minimalist Mood Ring Jewelry

But take these 5 categories with a grain of salt. Undoubtedly, there’s an infinite amount of colors and shades which are up to you to explore!


Anything Else We Should Know?

Yup! Since mood rings are made with delicate, sensitive crystals, they need to be taken care of properly:

  1. Make sure to keep your mood ring away from water and chemicals
  2. If your hands start to get sweaty, try taking off your mood ring until your hands dry off
  3. When you’re not wearing your mood ring, store it at room temperature

By following these simple steps, your mood ring (and the magic crystals within it) will last much longer.

NOGU New Rainbow Mood Rings (Dainty, Summer Vibes, Minimalist)


You’ve reached the end of the blog post - congrats! Your support means the world to us, truly, and we can’t wait to see photos of our mood rings on your beautiful hands. If you post a photo wearing your mood ring on social media, make sure to tag us. Let’s figure out together what your mood ring color means!

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  • Judy Wilson On

    Beautiful ring. Very delicate. It’s like the goonies don’t get it wet. Sad thing is is it doesn’t multiply like Goonies but it’s a very beautiful delicate and I mean delicate ring
    P this company is a very exceptional company that stands behind all their products and have 100% wonderful customer service you can rest assured that your purchases are protected and you are valued as a very important customer to them

  • Wendy Arruda On

    The mood ring brings back childhood memories. These are beautiful. Can’t wait to hopefully purchase them soon.
    A must have!!

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