As we embark on a new journey into 2024, let's kickstart the year with a radiant spirit, and what better way to do so than by glowing bright this year? Join us on a luminous adventure and get ready to shine bright and embrace the brilliance of the upcoming year with pieces that guarantee to make you glow (literally)! Learn More about our signature glowing styles and the design behind them.

Firefly Glass™: Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings & Wraps


The Firefly Glass™ beads are made of genuine lampwork hand-blown glass and once energized under a light source emit a spectacular glow. They are the grown-up luxury version of your favorite glowing baubles as a kid.
During the blowing of the glass, small phosphorescent particles are suspended inside the glass and when charged explode with a brilliant emerald or blue glow. 
In 2019 we launched our first set of emerald glowing Firefly Glass designs and in 2023 we launched the first set of New Blue Glowing pieces.

Lunar Glass: Bracelets


These hand blown glass marvels are made up of 4 intricately separate parts. A shimmering silver leaf center emulating the surface of the moon, a mysterious black core that splits the design in two and a glass blown orb with shimmering white glow in the dark phosphors suspended in a tinted orbit capturing the essence of a thousand shimmering stars.

But here's where the magic truly begins – these Lunar Glass bracelets have a secret to share with the night. Turn off the lights, and watch them come alive similar to our Firefly Glass - radiating a gentle, ethereal white & blue glow!



Lumos Ceramic: Bracelets, Earring & Necklaces


The bracelets are made of genuine ceramic and once energized under a light source emit a spectacular glow. 

During the making of the bracelet,  microscopic phosphorescent particles are embedded into the ceramic and emit a stunning and even glow in the dark. 



⚡⚡Learn How To Charge Our Firefly Glass, Lunar Glass & Lumos Ceramic Styles⚡⚡

1)  Supercharge with our NOGU Ultraviolet Light for a lightning fast glow that emits more phosphorescence and lasts longer than any other charging method. 

2) Charge under a bright lamp for no less than 5 minutes. The stronger the light source, the brighter the phosphorescent glow! 

3) Charge in the sun near a window. Place the bracelet in a bright sunbeam and let the bracelet charge for up to 10 minutes. The brighter the natural light beam, the brighter the phosphorescent glow!


Reviews (5 comments)

  • Willison Breckon On

    I purchased a fire glass bracelet and 2 weeks the string broke at the metal bead. We live the ear rings please contact me.

  • Fran On

    The bracelets are beautiful! How long do they hold the charge? I don’t seem to be able to get them to glow like you are suggesting

  • Marilyn Parsons On

    I bought the “clear” white glass bracelet for my granddaughter, who is majoring in Marine Biology at a California University. She is a bit of a mermaid herself. She looooooved it. Seriously grateful too. Thank you. I look forward to buying her the flatter glass bead in the blue color if you ever get that back in stock. Please email me when you do, and save one for me!!

  • Makki On

    Have bought a few and love them, I would have liked the beads to be a little bigger in size but still love them. Bought a few to give as gifts abroad and were greatly admired. I would buy more but the prices are a bit high but will when I can. Great job.

  • Debbie Proffer On

    I purchased a few bracelets, earrings, necklace and a turtle ring. I love how the glass glows in the dark. Truly a piece of art that I wear proudly. I gave away three of the bracelets that I purchased but I do not know how the women liked them. I am sure they love them.

    I will continue to make purchases from this company. They are quick to ship the products out and you receive them in a timely manner.

    A Loyal Customer

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