This Pride Month, we are beyond thrilled to be launching our special Spectrum Collection.

Each item from this collection is handmade, so no two bracelets are the same - just like you. Pride is all about being different, being unique, and finding unity in our differences. We wanted this collection to represent exactly that.

NOGU UV Rainbow Spectrum Handmade Jewelry Collection

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Rainbow Supernova Double Galaxy Glass Spectrum Bracelet (Pride)
NOGU Rainbow Gunmetal Spectrum Trinity Bracelet (Handmade Pride Jewelry)
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Macaw Rainbow and Silver Kismet Links Handmade Bracelet (Pride)
Rainbow and Silver Amici Handcrafted Friendship Bracelet (LGBTQ Pride)
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Rainbow White Mermaid Glass Macrame Charmballa Bracelet (Pride Jewelry)
Rainbow and Silver Handmade Trinity Bracelet (Pride Jewelry)
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Why are Rainbows So Special?

In many cultures, rainbows have been an ancient symbol of hope. In Christian scripture, a rainbow was sent to Noah after the great flood as an indication that they didn’t have to be afraid of drowning anymore - they could live and multiply with bold, unabashed joy.

NOGU Rainbow Spectrum Double Galaxy Glass Handcrafted Bracelets (Pride)

In more recent history, the meaning behind rainbows has been recoded. They have come to symbolize a synchronous blend of individuality and unity, of rarity and synthesis. Rainbows themselves are rare; they appear only when the sun shines onto water droplets during a rainstorm, fragmenting the monochrome light into a dazzling burst of color.

NOGU Rainbow Spectrum Trinity Jewelry Bracelet (Pride)

Connected especially with the LGBTQ+ community since the 1970s, rainbows remind us that we are varied. And within this variation, there is value - no two people are the same, just as no two rainbows are identical.

We wanted our Spectrum Collection to include anyone that doesn’t feel like they belong in the mainstream. The bracelets from this collection aren’t built to fit in with traditional, monochrome, trendy jewelry - this collection has been specifically designed to stand out and look beautifully different.

NOGU New Rainbow Color Spectrum Collection (Summer, Pride jewelry)

Overall, our handcrafted Spectrum Collection is a celebration of our individuality. Just like each piece of this collection, we are all one-of-a-kind and this is not something we should ever hide. When you wear your Spectrum bracelets, you’ll feel an intense pride knowing that no one has a bracelet that’s identical to yours - and no one has a soul that’s quite like yours either.

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