Crystal Pineapple NOGU Bracelet Jewelry


Pineapple: The Queen of Fruits and Trends

What comes to your mind when we say pineapple? Do you think of warm beaches, hot tropical islands?




Does the fruit give you happy vibes?

Pineapples are fruit royalties with their tall erect structures, sunny dispositions and crowns on their heads. This is probably why they are featured so much in the fashion world from big bold prints to delicate little pendants on bracelets and necklaces.

Crystal Pineapple NOGU Bracelet Jewelry

 What is in a name?

Long ago Christopher Columbus was gifted the yellow fruit after one of his visits to the Caribbean. The voyager relished its sweet taste and gifted the fruit to the king. They named this strange looking fruit ‘pineapple’ due to its resemblance to the pine cones found in woodlands.

Crystal Pineapple NOGU Bracelet Jewelry

Why so welcoming?

Most people think that pineapples originated from Hawaii. Thus, the Aloha spirit of the island oozes out of the fruit. This theory is incorrect. 




The pineapple became a symbol of hospitality by being a luxury in the foreign lands in the past. It took voyagers months of sailing to ship the pineapple to the European lands and therefore they cost a fortune. Therefore, if you served a pineapple at home that meant you care for the guest more than you cared for your pockets. 

Hence, pineapple became the symbol of love, friendship and a welcoming spirit.

Crystal Pineapple NOGU Bracelet Jewelry


What’s up now?

The source of pineapples revolutionizing our trends can either be Stella Mcartney’s iconic fashion show in 2001 or SpongeBob’s under-the-sea –house. Post- 2000s, the pineapple can be seen dangling on bags, clothes and jewelry too!

Crystal Pineapple NOGU Bracelet Gold Jewelry


Now you can gift this symbol of friendship in the form of beautiful bracelets at Nogu. Our company thinks that the fruit itself should inspire you to:

Stand tall. Wear a crown. Be sweet. Be a pineapple!

Crystal Pineapple NOGU Bracelet Gold Silver Jewelry


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