Every two years athletes, sports enthusiasts, patriots, and newscasters from all over world gather together to take part in the Olympic Games. It’s always exciting to root for your home country and show your pride. We’ve selected our favourite items that show off the recognizable red and white colours of our home and native land.



Oh Canada DreamCatcher

Joseph Nogucci is thrilled to introduce its latest addition to the Dreamcatcher Collection. The Oh Canada Dreamcatcher bracelet represents the company’s roots in Canada. This beautiful piece of arm candy features bright red crystals entwined in white nylon cord. It will surely catch any jewellery lover’s eye and make an impression all year round.


Lea Soft Pebble Leather Tote

A Canadian company, Danier has been selling leather goods since 1972. This bright red tote makes the perfect statement, and we love the super soft feel of the leather. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap and an outer pocket so you can grab take your keys or wallet without fumbling around in the larger main section.


Canada Pom Pom Toque

Roots has been known for their very Canadian creations, which is why this toque made it on our list.  This Canada toque is the perfect topper to any winter outfit. We like that the pom pom gives it a playful twist.


Canada Olympic Snow Top Mittens

These mittens from the Bay have become a staple in Canadian winter wardrobes. We see them all over the place and love that people are showing their pride for Canada. Not only are they warm, they’re unbearably cute too!


Olympic Collection Women’s Wool Duffle Coat

We love this duffle coat because it’s a classic. The bold red colour stands from the darker colours everyone accustoms themselves to. Everyone needs a wool coat in their wardrobe and the toggle buttons with the darker coloured block stripe makes the whole piece a lot more interesting.


Multistripe Caribou Throw

What's more exciting than gathering around the TV to cheer for your team with your family or pals? Keep warm and cozy under this wool throw while oohing and ahhing at the marvels of the Olympians on screen. This blanket from the Bay features yellow, red, green, and black stripes, very close to the colours of the rings that represent the games.


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