Every spring, cinephiles and celeb lovers alike gather to watch the biggest actors in Hollywood receive praise for last year’s films. We thought about how we’d stylize the “Best Actress Nominees” with Joseph Nogucci products to suit their characters. Check out the JN accessories we chose!


Sydney Prosser, played by Amy Adams in “American Hustle”, has a major glam look going throughout the entire film. Her deep V cut dresses scream “look at me!” and we figured her jewelry should do the same. The Crystal Kikiballa Bracelet with matching earrings make the perfect addition to Sydney’s showy outfits.

Crystal Kikiballa Gift Set



Cate Blanchett in “Blue Jasmine” has a delicate and classic feminine style. Being spoiled by her rich husband, she would have developed an affinity for unique gold jewelry pieces.  We think our Morfologi Wavemaker bracelets in gold and silver would be perfect for this troubled character.

Morfologi Wavemaker in Gold


“Gravity’s” female character Ryan Stone is a woman of simplicity. With a modest functional style, she would have a piece like the Svarowski Anchor Necklace to keep her grounded during all the turmoil and distress she must face in space.

Swarovski Anchor Necklace


A lady with a tough past behind her, Philomena (Judy Dench) is a vivaciously strong character. She’s the type to romanticize and collect memories. The IRIS charm bracelet would gather specific moments of her life and carry them in a neat reminder on her wrist.

Black IRIS Murano Charm Bracelet


You can tell as soon as the film starts that Violet Weston’s style is just as strong as her opinions. Merlyl Streep’s character in “August: Osage County” She prefers a big, statement-making piece to show people she means business. The Morfologi Hive Double Wide Bangle would do just that.

The Morfologi Hive Bangle

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