We’ve all been in love with a brightly coloured day-glo piece at least once in our lives, but been afraid to buy it because of the age old question “What will I wear with this?” Well neon is definitely in this summer and we’re looking for any way we can to incorporate a pop of colour into our wardrobes. Here are some handy tips for styling neon this season:

  • Try wearing a dark or understated colour like black, charcoal or dark brown as a base to direct attention smoothly between your neon garments.
  • If you’re not feeling quite brave enough to dawn a neon dress or top, try accenting a neutral outfit with neon accessories like a hat or bright piece of jewelry
  • Have you ever heard of the LBD? No, not the Little Black Dress, the Little Bright Dress! Try on a sleek minimally detailed dress in a bright colour with some dark accessories to ground the look.

Set 1: LBD (Little Bright Dress)

Set 2: Tropical Neon


Set 3: Orange Punch

Hopefully by the time you're finished reading this, you'll be more willing to incorporate neon into your wardrobe! The fact is, it's a great way to add an element of individuality into your everyday outfits. Pick up that day-glo purse and pair of pumps and wear them with pride!

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