The design team and staff of Joseph Nogucci are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet and our partnership with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada! This coming October throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Joseph Nogucci will donate ten percent of all Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet proceeds to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. We hope that every member of the Nogucci Family participates and helps us contribute to the ongoing quest for a cure.


The Pink Ribbon Charmballa - Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet from Joseph Nogucci

Cancer is pervasive; like most any other group, we at Joseph Nogucci have felt the impact of cancer on our lives. Be it personal experience with the disease or the shared struggle of a close relative, partner, or friend, we know how devastating the effects of cancer can be on all those involved. The damage it can do is not only physical, but mental and spiritual as well.

It doesn't have to be bleak, though; we know that there is always hope. Overcoming cancer and banishing its dark reign over your life is a blessing that can spark an outpouring of love, positive energy, and purpose. We are glad to say that many members of the design team and support staff at Joseph Nogucci have experienced the bliss of watching the storm clouds of cancer recede to be replaced with sunny optimism.

In the last eighteen months, our customer service manager Michael Scarfo watched his father overcome cancer, and couldn't be more glad to see him healthy and in remission. Two of our lead officers, Mario and Luca Lavorato, lived through the anxiety and uncertainty of their mother's two separate struggles with - and victories over - cancer. We're pleased to say she has been cancer free for years. We know that there are stories like this the world over, and we want to see and hear more of them.

If there's anything Joseph Nogucci can do to help the Breast Cancer Society of Canada make that same thing happen for the countless women afflicted with breast cancer and the loved ones who share their struggle, we're proud to do it.

Starting September 17, 2013, Joseph Nogucci and WagJag (owned by TorStar Inc.) will be offering the Pink Ribbon Charmballa across Canada at 64% Off.

Starting September 28, 2013, the Pink Ribbon Charmballa will be available across the United States of America through a partnership with Living Social.

We couldn't be more pleased with the support of our partners WagJag and Living Social as we work together to make a difference this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We hope to see each and every one of you on our Facebook page, and we sincerely hope you choose to participate in our upcoming fundraising promotion with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.   

With love,

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  • Angel On

    Would love to get this but do not have the money right now. Looking forward to more purchases as the money becomes available.

  • Janis On

    Would like to know if the breast cancer awareness bracelet will be available on this web site starting on Sept 28th? If not how do go about purchasing it?

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