It’s 2021, and while we don’t know exactly what the future holds, we know that it needs to be sustainable, eco friendly, and cruelty free. That’s why when we thought about making a Mermaid Glass Wrap this summer, we knew it had to be vegan.

NOGU Mermaid Glass Linen Wrap (Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Environment Conscious Jewelry)

We’re reinventing the quintessential leather wrap bracelet to be more sustainable, environmentally kind, and using zero animal materials. After all, there’s no such thing as “cruelty free” if any part of the product comes from animals.

NOGU Mermaid Glass Linen Wrap (Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Environment Conscious Jewelry)

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Why Linen?

Linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics in history - and that's saying a lot, since linen is one of the oldest fibers known. Linen can naturally withstand very high temperatures - so you can easily wear your Mermaid Wrap in any type of climate!

NOGU Mermaid Glass Linen Wrap (Sustainable, Ethical, Eco Friendly Jewelry for Summer)

Why is linen this way? It's made from the earth-friendly blue-flowered flax plant. The flax plant can grow in poor soil and doesn't need as much water as cotton (a linen shirt needs 6.4 liters of water whereas a cotton shirt would need 2700 liters). The flax plant also needs significantly less pesticides than similar plants.

Additionally, no part of the flax plant is wasted upon harvesting. Flaxseed oil, ground flaxseed food products, and linseed oil are all products of the flax plant.

Linen Flax Seed Plant

So why isn't linen used more often? It all comes down to time. In order to properly harvest flax plants, they need to be collected by hand. Creating and working with linen yarn can be an arduous and very manual process, but that's exactly why we wanted to work with linen. The time and effort linen needs is well worth the eco-friendly and sustainable bonuses it provides.


More About the Wrap

Each Mermaid Glass Wrap is handmade with authentic linen cord, fitted with some of our bestselling Mermaid Glass beads. The beads are made of genuine glass that is frosted and tinted in different colors. During the making of the beads there is a thin iridescent core inserted into the heart of the glass which reflects ambient light. This is what makes them burst with a rainbow of color and creates such a dynamic play of light on the skin. The shine comes from inside the beads and doesn't wear off like a coating.

We also handmade our wraps to be adjustable to fit different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about picking between a bunch of confusing sizing options.

NOGU Mermaid Glass Linen Wrap (Sustainable, Ethical, Eco Friendly Jewelry for Summer)

The best part? Our Mermaid Glass Wraps are more than bracelets. Due to their clasp-unclasp design and adjustable length, our cruelty free wraps also work perfectly as chokers! At NOGU, we always try to make our jewelry versatile, and our new wraps are no different.

Learn more about how to wear your wraps here:

This means you can easily mix-and-match your Mermaid Glass Wraps this summer or alternate your favorite wrap between your wrist and neck depending on your outfit of the day. We’re so excited to see how you wear your wraps!

NOGU Mermaid Glass Linen Wrap (Sustainable, Ethical, Eco Friendly Jewelry for Summer)

Don’t get us wrong - just because our Mermaid Glass Wraps aren’t made from leather doesn’t mean they can’t last a really long time. Linen is one of the most durable and longest-lasting fabrics of all. We also specifically designed our wraps to be sturdy, dependable, and worn year after year. When you buy one of our sustainable wraps, you’re buying something that you’ll be wearing for years to come.

NOGU Mermaid Glass Linen Wrap (Sustainable, Ethical, Eco Friendly Jewelry for Summer)

And just like the rest of our Mermaid Glass Collection, each Mermaid Glass Wrap sold will benefit Take 3 For the Sea and their efforts to clean and conserve our oceans. Whenever you look down at your handmade Mermaid Glass Wrap, you’ll know you helped make the world a better place. At our core, NOGU is about designing for the future, and the best way we can do that is by working alongside nature instead of against it.

NOGU Mermaid Glass Linen Wrap (Sustainable, Ethical, Eco Friendly Jewelry for Summer)

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  • Louise Bonnici On

    What a wonderful idea Nogu! These wraps look gorgeous and they are environmentally friendly and sustainable too! I love the colours too!

  • Chris Mesko-Holzer On

    These are gorgeous! Can’t wait to get them!

  • Stephanie Messinger On


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