NOGU Augmented Reality Jewelry Bracelets


The Team here at NOGU are thrilled to announce the launch of the first-ever Fashion Jewelry Collection available in Augmented Reality through our partnership with Shopify Plus. 
“The goal is to create a more immersive experience for our customers to see our products as if they existed in real life helping them see details, give them a better sense of the size, scale and overall composition of our designs. ” Mario Christian, Head of Design. 

Shopify sees “Augmented reality (AR) having the potential to revolutionize mobile shopping by bringing products to life in front of you through 3D models that you can size up, examine from all angles, and even place in the environment around you.
With Apple’s recent announcement of AR Quick Look, 3D models can be viewable in AR directly through the Safari browser on iOS 12 devices—without the need for a separate mobile app or a clunky headset.
Web-powered augmented reality represents an exciting leap toward making AR experiences readily available to the everyday shopper through mobile browsers.”
Step 1: Click on the product you would like to view

NOGU Augmented Reality Kismet Links Bracelet Jewelry

Step 2: Click the “3D CUBE” at the top of the product image on your phone

NOGU Augmented Reality Kismet Links Bracelet Jewelry
Step 3: Choose AR and aim your iPhone at a flat surface
NOGU Augmented Reality Kismet Links Bracelet Jewelry
Or Just enjoy the product in 3D to view and scale as you wish.

Currently, the NOGU AR Collection includes some of our best selling designs including the Kismets Links Collection, various charity collaborations, bracelets, rings, earrings and more with the goal to have all 1200+ SKU available in Augmented Reality by Christmas 2019. 


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