As your NOGU bracelet collection grows, it can be challenging to pair different pieces together. Should Mermaid Glass bracelets be paired with other Mermaid Glass bracelets? Which colors and textures match? We get asked so often how to stack our bracelets, and with some experimentation, we’ve nailed down the sure-fire template for *fire* NOGU stacks.

We’re ready to divulge the foolproof design criteria which ensure synergy between your beautiful bracelets, and it’s all about “S”:

1. Sense
2. Shimmer
3. Sleek

    NOGU How to Stack and Style Your Favorite Handmade Bracelets


    Every bracelet stack should begin with a base piece that appeals to your sense of touch. Like our Himalaya Collection and our Kismet Links Bracelets, this piece should have an exceptional pattern or texture to it.



    The next piece of your bracelet stack should be eye-catching. Our Firefly Glass and Sea Turtle Bracelets are perfect to add some shimmer and sparkle to your stack.



    Adding something clean and sleek to your stack will help balance the weight of your textured and shimmer pieces. For instance, many of our Serpentine Bracelets can add a sleek element to finish off your stack.

    NOGU How to Style and How to Stack your NOGU Handcrafted Bracelet Collection

    NOGU How to Stack and Put Together your Fave Handmade NOGU Bracelets (Jewelry How-To Tutorial)

    Top: Sense is Princess of Florence Himalaya Bracelet, shimmer is Terra Galaxy Glass Bead Bracelet, sleek is Gold Hematite Sacred Geom Bracelet

    Bottom left: Sense is Blue and Silver Gaia Wheat Chain, shimmer is Grey Mermaid Glass Stretch Bracelet, sleek is Blue and Silver Serpentine Hematite Bracelet

    Bottom right: Sense is Seafoam Crashing Himalaya Bracelet, shimmer is Silver and Aqua Crystal Sea Turtle Macrame Bracelet, sleek is Aquamarine Mermaid Glass Stretch Bracelet

    Quick Tips

    If you can, place adjustable bracelets at the ends of your stack to keep your bracelets from sliding around your wrist. Additionally, these stacking instructions aren’t limited to NOGU jewelry - go ahead and pair your NOGU bracelets with other jewelry, such as watches.

    NOGU How to Stack and Style Your Handmade Jewelry with Apple Watches and other Accessories (Jewelry Tutorial)

    These criteria form a great starting point for beginner stackers. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to wearing jewelry - it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself. By all means, trying new things and creating new criteria and formulas for stacking is more than welcome in the NOGU community. Feel free to share your favorite stacks on our NOGU Insiders page on Facebook!

    Get Your Stack Started




    Need some help with stacking? Watch our How-To here:

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    • Mimi Mayer Bennett On

      The suggestions about stacking r lovely & streamlined. They give us plenty of wiggle room on how to compose our our NOGU stacks! We Insiders must deeply appreciate the great suggestions, & we often share our stacks on Facebook!! Thanks!!!

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