Galentine's Day falls on February 13th every year, which is the day before Valentine's Day. It's truly a day to ditch the boys and celebrate you and best girlfriends who are after all your true soulmates. Galentine's Day may have gotten its start on Parks and Recreation but it has evolved into so much more than just Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler's character on the show) favorite holiday. 
Since its start in 2010 Galentine's Day has become a movement of sorts. Every year women from around the globe spend the day celebrating with their BFFs, from hanging out to grabbing brunch and even giving gifts. It's a day all about women celebrating women. So show your BFF how much you love her this Galentine's Day.
Check out our Top 5 Galentine's Day Gifts
1. Amici Friendship Bracelets for your friends who are like family
2. Mermaid Glass for your Mermaid loving Bestie
3. Soulmate Bracelet Set for you & your BFF
4. Crystal Heart Birthstones for all your besties
5. Yin Yang Bracelets for the Yin to your Yang

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