Red has always made a statement: as a paint color, as a car color, as a hair color. There is a reason the title character from the 80’s song “Lady in Red” caught the beholder’s eye: the color red demands attention.

Cayenne, one of 2014’s Pantone Colors, will be turning heads this Summer. It’s about to get hot, and we aren’t talking about the weather!  Turn heads in a Cayenne dress, or make a statement with a cayenne-hued bracelet or earrings. Whatever pieces you choose, you are sure to turn up the fashion heat!

Some will say that this tone of fiery orange-red is “not their color.” And we beg to differ. Part of the fun with fashion is trying something new, even if it’s “not you.” A color like this is a great way to stand out or make a statement, even if only for a special occasion. And, because it is so vibrant, this is the perfect way to add small splashes of color to an otherwise understated outfit.


 How are you turning up the heat in your closet with Cayenne?

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