While spring and fall traditionally usher in the new trends for fashion and beauty, summer may be our favorite season for experimenting with clothes. The days are brighter, the weather is warmer and the urge to stand out is in full force. Here are our favourite trends this summer:


Meshed tops and dresses allow you to wear dark colour without feeling too weighed down. Pair mesh with some bright colours to keep your look light and cheerful.

Full skirts
The voluminous silhouette popular in the 50s and 60s is here to stay. Pair the calf-length skirt with a fitted top for a great day or evening look.

White Blouses
The classic white button-down has recently been totally reinvented. Look for a peplum, embellishments, interesting textures or asymmetric cuts for a new spin.

Speak to your sweet side with pretty pastels in mint green, lavender or blush pink. Pair with darker accents to make your look pop.

Black and White 
No shades of gray here—look crisp and cool in contrasting colours. 

Geometric Print
Flashback to geometry class for this season's print craze: grids, triangles, and more.

Set 1: Mesh, Pastel and Holograms

Set 2: Black, White and Geometry


Set 3: Pastel Picnic

Step out this summer knowing you've got the season's hottest trends on lock and turn some heads!


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